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Our camp has a beautiful view overlooking the Hoaruseb ephemeral river. The five spacious campsites are nestled under the cool shade of giant camelthorn trees or Acacia erioloba. From time to time one encounters some of the free roaming wildlife that wanders the area, including giraffes, springboks, ostriches, steenbok, oryx and kudus. During the day, one can hear the sounds of different birds.


Hot showers and flushing toilets
Wash basin
Tented camping

Our campsite provides hot water showers and flushing toilets. We sell firewood and fuel (diesel and petrol) to the public. We also sell a small range of drinks to our clients.

Bookings & Rates

Adults (18 years and above): N$150 per person
Children (7-17 years): N$75 per child
Children (below 7): No cost
Cars: No cost

We look forward to welcoming you any time. Bookings can be done via e- mail at, filling out our online booking form or by contacting our reservation number on our Contact page.

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